Being a Reading Ninja Functional Reubric

Right, lets see if this works. Our son knows some strategies for reading but he often gives up before he has really given them a go. The purpose of this rubric is to show him a pathway for success and thus I am hoping he will be more cognisant of the process of learning to read and also be more motivated and persistent in his efforts.

Who wouldn’t want to be a “Reading Ninja”! We will see how it goes.

I would be curious to see what others think.

Being like a reading ninja

Quick update: Day one: this evening, Nico got to a tricky word and wanted his Mum to take over reading. Then he remembered and said NO! I’ll do it. He proceeded to sound out the rest of the paragraph and thus demonstrate Ninja Reading skills. High Fives all round…. It’s so much fun being a parent.


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