Functional Rubric for “Coping with the Learning”

My wife works at a school for kids who are unable to attend regular school due to health reasons. They may be undergoing something like cancer treatment or they may be working through anxiety issues. Anxiety disorders are through the roof in Christchurch at the moment in the aftermath of the Christchurch Earthquakes – there is an interesting temporal geographic study there…hmm masters thesis?? nah.

Anyway, my wife had a student who was really fearful starting the year as she was anxious about how she would cope with the pressure of NCEA assessments and getting sick again. It sounded to me like this student was struggling to figure out what to do if things go wrong. Enter the functional rubric.

With my wife, I quickly whipped up the rubric below. I was really conscious that the student needed to be involved with it and have some ownership of the rubric.

Coping Rubric 1

So my wife worked with her student to re-word and co-create an appropriate rubric. What they came up with is below. I like how they changed the words and strategies to suit.

Coping Rubric

It’s not perfect but I think this is an example of the potential of SOLO rubrics to be extended beyond just measuring learning in a classroom setting.

Fortunately/unfortunately, this student has now transitioned back into “normal school” and my wife didn’t really get a conclusive feel about the impact of the rubric. At the very least it allowed them to have a metacognitive conversation and focus on success and she has added it to her list of effective strategies for learning.


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