Marathon Training SOLO Styles – Functional rubric

While out running the other week my mind started wandering and some SOLO ideas popped into my head. The result was the rubric below. I made it for a bit of fun really (yes I seem to find thinking about this stuff fun) but I thought it might be of use to the odd PE teacher out there or as a simple example of a functional rubric.

Anyway, quick back story. I do a lot of running (usually on minimal training). The focus is usually to do a couple of ultra runs with friends over the year (we have been knocking off great NZ walks as day runs). The one event that I have been particularly goal orientated for is the Christchurch Marathon which I have run every year since 2006. Last year I was having a slight mid life crisis (being 40) and I did more training than I have ever done before and was determined to smash my PB time. It turned out I had a Nick Willis moment and could only run 3hr 34min which was still a PB by 10 minutes but I had built myself up to go under 3hr 20min. I was devastated.

Well this year, with my main job being “house husband” I have so much more time for training and have realised that I need to learn more about training. To get my head around my next steps and also  communicate with my coach how and what I want to learn, I whipped up this rubric:

Marathon training rubric


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