Scheme Planning with SOLO – Critical alignment

I think the correct term is Critial Alignment but in essence it is about planning a scheme or unit of learning using SOLO as a framework to identify effective stategies that are visible to students in their learning.

These are some quick thoughts I added to davidfawcett27 Blog at

Re:Planning schemes. In NZ, we have been going thourgh a “standards alignment process” where all of our Snr courses have been tweaked (we have a standards based assessment system that chunks a course – for example, within Geography we have a standard called “Analyse a Geographic issue at a Global scale”). I have been fortunate that this process (in the third and final year now) has coincided with our school having significant input from Pam Hook. Using a SOLO framework has allowed me to look at a new standard or topic and as a starting point, think holisically – given this standard, what needs to be defined, what can be compared, what needs to be sequenced and so on. While doing this, I am also being mindful of the wording of the standard. Our standards are based on a not achieved, achieved, achieved with merit and achieved with excellence scale – this pretty much follows SOLO (and I think we can thank Pam for her influence in NZ). Anyway, what I am looking for in this process is the important verbs (as these are essentially the SOLO indicators). So if I am confronted with the word Analyse, i know that I need to use some effective stategies that will allow my students to connect with what it is to analyse (parts whole, SOLO hexagons -which i only just discovoured or my favourite, the Describe ++ thiking map – see HookED). Anyway, a bit of a ramble – I am very new to the world of blogs and twitter.


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